FrostWire 6.2.1.

Free BitTorrent client to search, download, and listen to music on multiple devices

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FrostWire 6.2.1.
FrostWire 5.7.7

Napster opened the world's eyes to the fact that you don't have to pay for music and other media years ago, and so services like Frostwire started popping up out of the woodwork and are still relevant today.

An Overview of

If ever you've wanted to download music or movie files to your PC, then you may have entertained getting a peer-to-peer program before. Unlike bit torrent clients, a P2P program allows you to search, download, watch and share all from one platform. A P2P client will typically require you to enter a torrent hash number to just download one file, but typically doesn't allow you to search. With a P2P program like Frostwire, you download and install the program and can thus begin searching for anything under the sun.

Frostwire and Limewire are pretty much the same programs, in case you've heard of the latter. It's just that Frostwire is said to be an expanded edition that uses a broader range of networks to help you find a wider assortment of media. So no matter what you're searching for, a program like Frostwire is likely to return some type of result. You can then use the advanced search feature to narrow your results down by user count, title, article, and more specific parameters.

What Is and What It Does

At around 25MB, the Frostwire P2P client is relatively lightweight and doesn't have much a footprint at all when you're using it on your PC. The layout itself is fairly attractive and streamlined, but if you're not thrilled about what you see on the original interface, you can also choose to download different and custom skins to make your program look a lot sleeker and more individualist to your tastes. Another great aspect here is that you won't have to worry about file extensions messing with your external players. Frostwire has its own media player, and if the extension is on Frostwire, the odds are good that it's actually going to be compatible with its own player.

Apart from having custom skins and its own player, it also has a range of advanced search features. You can even search from a hot transfer that's seeding and choose to search more from that particular user, ensuring that your downloads will complete a lot faster. All told, this is one of the best P2P clients in the business, and it has been for many years. Frostwire is at the top of the pile when it comes to downloading and playing media that's shared through peers around the globe.

Pros and Cons


  • Free and simple to use
  • Has a lot of databases it searches
  • Advanced search features
  • Fast downloading


  • Multi-file downloading can screw your internet connection up
  • Be very careful with mislabeled files
  • Some features are very dated

FrostWire is a completely free and open-source BitTorrent and file sharing client. Many people may recognize the similarities between FrostWire and LimeWire, and they wouldn't be wrong. FrostWire was first launched as a new open-source fork of LimeWire, but with fewer bugs and more features. As LimeWire has been unfortunately closed for good, long-time users of that program will find a new home with FrostWire, an honorable successor to the BitTorrent throne. FrostWire is free--hat means it doesn't cost a dime to use and you're free to use the program as you see fit, even making changes to the source code if you like.

File Sharing And More

FrostWire is more than just an exceptional BitTorrent client. Many fans agree that the program really shines when it comes to file sharing, especially large files. This program can be used to easily send massive files or folders to remote locations without any bottlenecks, additional charges or limitations. You can share files with any user of FrostWire who has an internet connection. However, files can still be shared within a home or small office network using wireless routers or Ethernet cables without an internet connection. FrostWire has become a staple program in work environments where large files need to be shared seamlessly with multiple devices.

FrostWire is available on PC, Mac, and Android devices. No professional networking experience or education is required to understand and use this program. Everything is designed very easy to pick up and learn for first time users.

The Beauty Of Open Source

FrostWire believes open source is the future of software and if other companies followed their lead, then they would probably be right. Having an open source platform means this program is constantly receiving updates and fixes. There’s no need to wait on a dedicated team to address a bug when there are hundreds of users who have the same access to the internal source code. Users are free to make changes, improvements and bug fixes where they like. The best of these improvements may even find their way into the next official release of the program. Few other programs have such a strong community involvement. Anyone with a voice can make the program better for the masses.

Finally, Frostwire succeeds as a BitTorrent client as well. It has all of the features you’d expect from a full-fledged torrent client, such as magnet association, search capabilities, torrent tracking and the ability to automatically fix many broken torrents. Users can even choose to download full SoundCloud play lists through the context menu.


  • Very involved open-source community.
  • 100 percent free without any advertisements.
  • File sharing and BitTorrent in a single package.


  • Downloads Ask toolbar.
  • BitTorrent client not as good as some dedicated clients.
  • Need to regularly download bug fixes or patches.

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